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Igbo word: Enter word as spoken in isolation.

Tones: Enter tone numbers separated by commas e.g. for Okwute (stone) simply write 2,1,3, for Nwanyi (woman) write 8,2.

Weak or Strong: If word contains strong vowels (a,ị,ọ,ụ) in standard Igbo write S; if it contains weak vowels (e,i,o,u) write W.

For a compound word (e.g. uda ume) containing strong vowels followed by weak ones write SW.

English translation: Enter simple English translation.

Sample phrase or sentence: (optional): Give Igbo phrase followed by the English e.g. ezigbo nwanyi = good woman

Please note that this online dictionary is a work in progress. We apologise for any errors.

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